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Shrubs A-Z


Daphne tangutica

Strong and easy to grow,rounded glossy leaves,bushy habit.White flowers from April repeat through the growing season. Height to 120 cms.


Deutzia 'Dark Eyes'

Lovely form of this tough and easy-to-grow shrub,the branches are covered in June with flowers of deepest crimson purple in bus opening only slightly paler. 2 metres.

5 litre pot  £14.00


Deutzia setchuensis var. coymbiflora

Upright shrub producing corymbs of cup-shaped white flowers in profusion in ealy and midsummer. Peeling,pale brown bark when mature. Height to 2 metres.

3 litre pot  £10.00


Dichroa guizhou 'Long March'

Relatively recently introduced,this lovely shrub from the Hydrangea family has open corymbs of white flowers with distinctpurple/red centres in Summer,these flowers are then followed by clusters of bright blue/mauve berries which hold well through winter.

5 litre pot  £18




Drimys lanceolata

Delightful evergreen shrub,glossy green leaves on reddish stems,the clusters of pure white flowers appear in late spring to early summer. Eventually a small tree for a woodland or sheltered situation.

5 litre pot   £20.00



Edgeworthia chrysantha

Lovely early flowering shrub having rounded heads of cream/yellow scented flowers from February. Large green oval leaves and a neat,rounded habit to about 1.5 metres.


Elaeagnus 'Quicksilver'

Recently introduced this variety has really silvery leaves making it a superb contrast for other shrubs. Height 2-3 metres.

2 litre pot   £14.00


Eriobotrya japonica 'Rose Anne'

This selection of 'loquat' has been selected for hardiness and vigour but will still require a fairly sheltered and reasonably frost-free postion. Large,exotic looking leaves make this a special large shrub or small tree,then the scented flowers,borne after a hot Summer carry through Autumn and Winter and in very sheltered situations delicious fruit is produced in the Spring.




Eucryphia 'Ballerina'

Evergreen shrub having glossy green leaves and open pink flowers borne in late Summer and lasting into Autumn.



Eucryphia hillieri 'Winton'

Glossy,evergreen foliage,the open white flowers appear in late Summer and last into Autumn. Fairly upright in growth,becoming a small to medium height tree.

5 litre pot  £19.50


Eucryphia x intermedia 'Rostrevor'

Evergreen tree having glossy,rich green leaves. The open,creamy white flowers are borne profusely in late Summer and Autumn.Upright habit.

5 litre pot  £19.50




Erythrina christa-gali

Spectacular panicles of bright red flowers produced in mid-summer make this tropical-looking plant well worth trying,not terribly frost hardy so a sheltered spot in a sunny position or a warm wall would be the place for planting.



Exochorda macrantha 'The Bride'

Beautiful spring-flowering shrub,the hanging racemes of pure white flowers are produced in abundance from late March to May. Arching growth to 2 metres.

3 litre pot     £10.00

Gardenia 'Kleims Hardy'

Hardy outdoor form of this popular shrub.Neat,rounded habit,glossy green foliage.Scented white flowers over a long period.Height 60 cms.

3 litre pot    £12.00  


Grevillia victoriae

'Royal Grevillia'- amongst tha hardiest of the Grevillias this species has lovely silver-grey foliage. The honeysuckle-like red flowers appear from orange buds intermittently through the growing season



Halesia carolina

Known as 'Snowdrop Tree' the slightly drooping racemes of rounded,pure white flowers appear in March and April. Small tree deciduous.



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