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Herbaceous,woodland and alpine plants A-Z

Albuca shawii

Interesting bulb plant having spikes of pendulous yellow flowers in summer.Requires a well drained site.

2 litre pot    £4.50 each
Agapanthus 'Headbourne Hybrids'

Strap-like lush green foliage and superb heads of rich blue flowers from July to September. A must for the herbaceous border.

2 litre pot  £6.50 each  

Amorphophallus konjac

Spectacular aroid having huge pinnate leaves. The large mauve spathes appear in early summer. Needs lifting in winter to a frost-free environment.

2 litre pot  £8.00


Anemone pavonina

Feathery,ferny foliage and lovely rich blue flowers borne in late spring. Hardy and easy to grow.

2 litre pot  £4.50


Anothomeca laxa

Grassy foliage from which flowers appear of rich orange from May. Seeds itself successfully in free-draining alpine conditions.

1 litre pot  £3.50


Anomatheca laxa 'Joan Evans'

An attractive little plant having white flowers with a red spot above grassy foliage,inclined to seed and spread in well-drained conditions.

1 litre pot  £3.50


Antirrhinum molle

Perennial Antirrhinum has grey spreading foliage,white 'Snapdragon' flowers all summer.Sunny,well drained site.

2 litre pot    £5.50



Arisaema costatum

Tuberous perennial for a shady position. The large single red-margined leaf is divided into 3 distinct ovate leaflets . The hoode deep purple spathes have white stripes and are produced in earl summer.

2 litre pot  £7.70


Arisaema fargesii

Very large glossy leaves,hooded spathes of purple striped white in May/June.Shade and well drained soil.

1 litre pot    £6.00

Arisaema flavum

Small aroid producing spathes of rich golden-yellow in May/June. Well-drained soil in shade.

9cm pot  £3.50


Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

'Montbretia'-like growth and this variety has flowers of deep orangey-red over a long period in summer.

2 litre pot  £4.50 


Dierama pulcherrimum 'Blackbird'

'Angels Fishing Rods'. Tall,grass-like foliage and arching,flower spikes having pendulous racemes of graceful wine-red to deep purple flowers. Much sought-after herbaceous perennial.

2 litre pot  £7.50   5 litre £12.50


Dierama in Variety

 For 2018 we have a good range of Dierama in a variety of colours ranging from deep purple through deep and soft pink to almost pure white.

2 litre pot  £7.50 

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