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Herbaceous,woodland and alpine plants A-Z

Albuca shawii

Interesting bulb plant having spikes of pendulous yellow flowers in summer.Requires a well drained site.

2 litre pot    £4.50 each
Agapanthus 'Headbourne Hybrids'

Strap-like lush green foliage and superb heads of rich blue flowers from July to September. A must for the herbaceous border.

2 litre pot  £5.00 each  

Allium insubricum

A lovely little bulb that is well worth growing,the rich pink heads of slightly pendulous tubular flowers are borne for a long period from spring to summer above grassy foliage.

2 litre pot       £4.50


Allium 'Purple Sensation'

Striking bulb for spreading through the herbaceous border. Round heads of deep purple flowers from late spring to summer.

1 litre pot   £3.50


Amorphophallus konjac

Spectacular aroid having huge pinnate leaves. The large mauve spathes appear in early summer. Needs lifting in winter to a frost-free environment.

2 litre pot  £8.00


Anemone pavonina

Feathery,ferny foliage and lovely rich blue flowers borne in late spring. Hardy and easy to grow.

2 litre pot  £4.50


Anemone rivularis

Clump-forming perennial,softly hairy dark green leaves. Umbels of white flowers often blue on the reverse are borne in late spring and early summer and sometimes again in the autumn. Sun or partial shade.

2 litre pot  £4.50


Anothomeca laxa

Grassy foliage from which flowers appear of rich orange from May. Seeds itself successfully in free-draining alpine conditions.

1 litre pot  £3.50


Anomatheca laxa 'Joan Evans'

An attractive little plant having white flowers with a red spot above grassy foliage,inclined to seed and spread in well-drained conditions.

1 litre pot  £3.50


Antirrhinum molle

Perennial Antirrhinum has grey spreading foliage,white 'Snapdragon' flowers all summer.Sunny,well drained site.

2 litre pot    £5.50


Arisaema candidissimum

Hooded pink tinged white spathes have a good scent,doesn't reappear to flower until June.

1 litre pot    £6.00

Arisaema costatum

Tuberous perennial for a shady position. The large single red-margined leaf is divided into 3 distinct ovate leaflets . The hoode deep purple spathes have white stripes and are produced in earl summer.

2 litre pot  £7.70


Arisaema fargesii

Very large glossy leaves,hooded spathes of purple striped white in May/June.Shade and well drained soil.

1 litre pot    £6.00

Arisaema flavum

Small aroid producing spathes of rich golden-yellow in May/June. Well-drained soil in shade.

1 litre pot  £5

Artemesia canescens

Grown for its feathery silver-grey foliage.Neat spreading growth,ideal for the front of a border.

2 litre pot    £5.50

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

'Montbretia'-like growth and this variety has flowers of deep orangey-red over a long period in summer.

2 litre pot  £4.50 


Crocosmia 'Solfatare'

Tall,montbretia-like foliage and bright orange-yellow flowers over a long period in summer.

2 litre pot  £4.50


Dierama pulcherrimum 'Blackbird'

'Angels Fishing Rods'. Tall,grass-like foliage and arching,flower spikes having pendulous racemes of graceful wine-red to deep purple flowers. Much sought-after herbaceous perennial.

2 litre pot  £7.50


Dierama in Variety

 For 2017 we have a good range of Dierama in a variety of colours ranging from deep purple through deep and soft pink to almost pure white.

2 litre pot  £7.50 

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