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Woodland and Herbaceous Plants A-Z


Diascia rigescens

Well-known as a bedding plant but this species has peoved to be quite hardy when left out over winter. 

Very free-flowering,upright and spreading growth bears pink flowers in profusion in Summer and Autumn.

2 litre pot  £5.00


Erythronium 'Pagoda'

'Dogs Tooth Violet'. Perennial plant producing large,glossy green leaves and stems of golden-yellow nodding flowers from April to May. Ideal for a woodland position or light shade.

1 litre pot  £5.00


Erythronium revolutum

'Dogs Tooth Violet'. Perennial plant having large deep green leaves mottled chocolate brown. Stems of nodding violet-pink flowers are produced in April and May. Ideal for a woodland position or light shade.

1 litre pot  £5.00


Euphorbia 'Wulfenii'

Foliage of felty olive-green often remains evergreen and the yellow flowers cover the plants from quite early in the Spring.Quite a neat,rounded habit.

3 litre pot  £7.50



Euphorbia x pasteuri 'John Phillips'

An easy-growing but beautifully architectural plant. The long,glossy green leaves usually remain on the plant during winter. The heads of cream/yellow flowers are honey scented and very attractive to Bees.
2 litre pot  £7.50


Gaura 'Whirligig White'
Not the hardiest of herbaceous plants but invaluable for its tall spikes of white flowers continuously through summer and autumn.
2 litre pot  £5.00


Iris chrysographes 'Black Knight'

The flowers of this Iris are deepest darkest purple,almost black,freely borne May/June.

2 litre pot  £7.50



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