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Shrubs A-Z


Clematis 'Aljonoushka'

A great new addition-nodding heads of rich pink throughout summer.Herbaceous growth,needs support.Cut back hard in February or March. Height to 2 metres when supported.

3 litre pot    £8.50


Clematis 'Arabella'

Superb herbaceous variety,rich mauve-blue flowers in profusion in summer.Needs support of an obelisk,trellis or grow through a large shrub.

3 litre pot    £8.50

Clematis heracleifolia 'Cassandra'

Herbaceous Clematis grows without the need of support,the deep blue flowers are borne profusely from Late Summer and well into Autumn. Height to around 120 centimetres.

3 litre pot  £8.50


Clianthus puniceus

'Lobster Claw'- Evergreen shrub for a warm,sheltered position or a conservatory. Feathery,glaucous,pinnate folaige and the pendulous bright red flowers are borne from April to June.

 4 litre pot  £14.00



Convulvulus cneorum

Small spreading evergreen shrub for a sunny well drained situation.Glossy silver leaves,white flowers from May.

3 litre pot    £7.50

Cornus alternifolia 'Argentea'

Wonderful bushy large shrub or small tree. The tiered branches bear cream variegated dainty leaves and small white bracts in profusion from May.  Deserves a special place in the garden.

Sold out for the time being




Cornus controversa 'Variegata'

A wonderful specimen having tiered branches of brightly variegated foliage. Spectacular for all the growing season.




Cornus kousa 'Marwood Cream'

Outstanding small tree having large cream,flushed pink, flower bracts over a long period in Summer. These bracts are then followed by a profusion of strawberry like fruits which give a great effect for late Summer and into Autumn and then the foliage turns brilliant orange-red in the Autumn.

5 litre pot  £25


Cornus kousa 'Marwood Twilight'

A profusion of luminescent green turning cream/white flower bracts from early Summer,followed by strawberry-like fruits and good Autumn foliage colour. A delightful small tree.

5 litre pot  £25




Cornus kousa 'Satomi'

Beautiful deciduous small tree,the large bracts are white suffused with rich pink to red shades and are borne in profusion from early Summer. Strawberry-like fruits and excellent Autumn foliage colour add to the attraction of this tree.

5 litre pot  £25


Cornus kousa 'Wisley Queen'

Spectacular shrub or small tree. The bracts of cream/white appear in profusion from early summer,followed by masses of starwberry-like fruits and good Autumn foliage colour.

5 litre pot   £25


Cornus x rutguriensis 'Stellar Pink'

Wonderful hybrid from North America,the profusion of large bracts in late Spring/early Summer are a delightful shade of pink and hold well into Summer. A tree of good vigour,excellent Autumn foliage colour too.

5 litre pot  £25



Coronilla glauca 'Citrina'

Primrose-yellow pea flowers almost continuously throughout the year.Needs a sheltered position perhaps near a sunny wall where it could be loosely trained.

3 litre pot    £8.50

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