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Shrubs A-Z


Clematis 'Aljonoushka'

A great new addition-nodding heads of rich pink throughout summer.Herbaceous growth,needs support.Cut back hard in February or March. Height to 2 metres when supported.
2 litre pot  £12


Clematis 'Arabella'

Superb herbaceous variety,rich mauve-blue flowers in profusion in summer.Needs support of an obelisk,trellis or grow through a large shrub.
2 litre pot   £12

Clethra fargesii

Deciduous shrub grown not only for its long,upright white flower stems in Summer and Autumn but also its fabulous rich scent.

3 litre pot  £12.00



Convulvulus cneorum

Small spreading evergreen shrub for a sunny well drained situation.Glossy silver leaves,white flowers from May.

3 litre pot    £10.00

Cornus florida subsp. urbiniana (syn.pringlei)

Quite a unique flowering Cornus,the large white,pink tinged, bracts clasp at the tips giving them a 'lantern' appearnce. Flowering May/June a large shrub or small tree,

5 litre pot  £30



Cornus x hyperion

A cross between Cornus kousa and Cornus florida and selected for its hardiness and vigour. Large shrub or small tree and the large pure white bracts adorn the branches in profusion in May and June.

5 litre pot  £30



Cornus kousa 'Marwood Cream'

Outstanding small tree having large cream,flushed pink, flower bracts over a long period in Summer. These bracts are then followed by a profusion of strawberry like fruits which give a great effect for late Summer and into Autumn and then the foliage turns brilliant orange-red in the Autumn.



Cornus kousa 'Marwood Twilight'

A profusion of luminescent green turning cream/white flower bracts from early Summer,followed by strawberry-like fruits and good Autumn foliage colour. A delightful small tree.


 5 litre pot   £30


Cornus kousa 'Satomi'

Beautiful deciduous small tree,the large bracts are white suffused with rich pink to red shades and are borne in profusion from early Summer. Strawberry-like fruits and excellent Autumn foliage colour add to the attraction of this tree.

5 litre pot  £30





Cornus kousa 'Wisley Queen'

Spectacular shrub or small tree. The bracts of cream/white appear in profusion from early summer,followed by masses of starwberry-like fruits and good Autumn foliage colour.

 5 litre pot  £30





Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'

Stunning winter stems,shades of orange,red and pink make an outstanding display during the winter months.

2 litre pot  £10





Cornus wilsoniana

Excellent species of Dogwood,this one grown more for flower than stem colour. The heads of pure white flowers are borne in profusion in Summer,good Autumn foliage colour too. A large shrub eventually growing to small tree size.

5 litre pot   £20.00


Coronilla glauca 'Citrina'

Primrose-yellow pea flowers almost continuously throughout the year.Needs a sheltered position perhaps near a sunny wall where it could be loosely trained.

2 litre pot    £10.00

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