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Shrubs A-Z

Salix integra 'Hakura-nishiki'

Interesting form of dwarf Willow.Foliage is brightly variegated pink,white and green.Height to 2 metres.

3 litre pot   £7.50

Sarcococca hookeriana 'Digyna'

Dense,upright habit,glossy lanceolate evergreen foliage. The sweet-smelling white flowers open from February and crowd the branches during early spring. Suitable for a shady position.

2 litre pot   £7.50

Stewartia pseudocamellia

Deciduous tree having dark green leaves that turn yellow to orange and red in autumn. The rose-like open white flowers with creamy yellow stamens are borne in midsummer.
Sold out for the time being

Stranvaesia davidiana 'Pallette'

Evergreen shrub having interesting variegated foliage,the green leaves mottled with white,pink and red. Corymbs of white flowers followed by red berries Autumn. 2 metres.

3 litre pot  £8.50



Styrax formosanus var.formosanus

Delightful tree having a mass of white ,scented flowers in late Spring to early Summer.

Good Autumn foliage colour too.

5 litre pot  £19.50


Styrax obassia

Large,rounded leaves,the small white scented flowers are produced in profusion May/June. Small tree to maybe 5-8 metres.

5 litre pot  £19.50


Syringa velutina

A very attractive dwarf 'Lilac' that has a profusion of mauve panicles of flower in May and June with a good scent. Height and spread of 90-120 cms.

2 litre pot  £7.50


Trachelospermum jasminoides

Often known as 'Evergreen Jasmine' this climbing plant has dense,glossy green foliage and a profusion of scented,starry white flowers over a long period in summer.

3 litre pot  £12.50


Tropaeoleum speciosum 

'Flame Nasturtium'. Scrambling plant best suited to growing through shrubs in a shady spot with moist,acid soil. The bright red flowers appear in profusion in summer and last into autumn.
Sold out until probably Autumn


Tweedia caerulea

A lovely shrub from South America, the unique, vivid,powder-blue to turquoise flowers are borne throughout the growing season.

Not very frost hardy but can be grown outside perhaps by a sheltered wall.

2 litre pot  £8.50


Ugni moliniae

'Chilean Guava'- Lovely evergreen shrub for a sheltered position near a wall or perhaps in a courtyard situation. The small pink/wite bell flowers are followed by bright pink,round edible fruit through late summer and autumn.

2 litre pot      £8.50


Viburnum carlesii 'Aurora'

Deciduous shrub of quite neat,rounded habit to around two metres in height and spread. 

The flowers,rich pink in bud,open pure white and have a fantastic fragrance which fills the air in April and May. Good Autumn foliage colour too.

5 litre pot   £19.50



Viburnum carlesii 'Diana'

Similar in many respects to Viburnum carlesii 'Aurora' but differs in that the flower bud is quite dark pink and the flower retains some pink when open. Fabulous scent.



Viburnum x hillieri 'Winton'

Evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub with large,glossy green,long lanceolate leaves,the new growth having a bronze tinge. The white flowers are produced in a profusion of rounded heads in June and July. Strong in growth but remains reasonably compact to 2 metres.

3 litre pot  £9.50


Viburnum x juddii

Deciduous shrub,the large,rounded heads of flower are pink in bud opening white and are heavily scented. Flowering April/May. Bright red/orange Autumn foliage colour. Height to 2 metres.

  5 litre  £19.50


Viburnum nudum 'Pink Beauty'

A really good shrub for colour and interest,the large oval leaves are glossy green and turn brilliantly to reds,oranges and purples in the Autumn.

The rounded heads of white flowers appear in May June and are followed by heavy clusters of pink berries.

3 litre pot  £9.50


Viburnum plicatum f. plicatum

'Japanese Snowball Bush'. Spreading,bushy deciduous shrub with large,deeply veined leaves that turn red-purple in autumn. Bears spherical heads of white flowers in spring.

3 litre pot  £9.50 each 7.5 litre £18


Weigela florida 'Variegata'

Deciduous shrub having foliage variegated cream and green. The tubular pink flowers are produced first in May/June and often repeat later in the season. Height to 2 metres.

3 litre pot  £7.50


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