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Shrubs A-Z


Daphne x latymeri 'Spring Sonnet'

Fairly open dwarf shrub of neat shape,tubular mauve-pink fragrant flowers from May and repeats in flower during summer and autumn.

1 litre pot    £12

 Daphne mezereum

Deciduous variety having fairly upright,bushy growth. The mauve pink fragrant flowers line the stems from February/March. Height 90-120 cms.

Daphne x napolitana 'Bramdean'

Neat,rounded small shrub,rich pink fragrant flowers from May,often repeating in summer and autumn.Height 30-45 cms.

1 litre pot    £12.00


Daphne x napolitana 'Meon'

Neat and robust evergreen to about 60cms x 60cms. The soft pink,beautifully scented flowers are borne in profusion in April/May and then repeat sporadically during the remaining growing season.

1 litre pot  £12


Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata'

Large,glossy gold edged leaves.Richly fragrant mauve budded white flowers start as early as February and continue to April.Makes a bushy shrub to perhaps 120 cms.
2 litre pot   £20


Daphne pontica

One of the larger Daphnes and suited to growing in semi-shade. Rich,glossy green evergreen foliage.
The spidery,fragrant tubular yellow/green flowers are borne in mid to late spring and often followed by round black fruits.
2 litre pot  £18


Daphne x rolsdorfii 'Wilhelm Schacht'

Neat upright growth of glossy foliage.Rich pink heavily scented flowers from May and readily repeats in summer and autumn.An excellent dwarf Daphne to around 45-60 cms.

1 litre pot    £12

Daphne 'Rosy Wave'

(Daphne x burkwoodii 'Somerset' x Daphne collina)Neat,rounded evergreen growth up to about 75 centimetres in height and spread. 

Richly fragrant soft rose-pink flowers are borne intermittently from Spring and through the growing season




Daphne x schlyteri 'July Glow'

Neat,rounded dwarf shrub of dense,evergreen foliage. Flowers of rich pink are very fragrant and are borne in Spring but also has a good flowering in mid-summer. Height and spread 30-45 centimetres.


Daphne x susannae 'Anton Fahndrich'

Very similar in all respects to Daphne x susannae 'Cheriton' apart from the foliage being more matt and less glossy in appearance to 'Cheriton'


Daphne x susannae 'Cheriton'

Excellent spreading variety,rich pink fragrant flowers from May and then repeating in summer and autumn,neat growth of glossy green leaves.Spread to 90-120 cms.

1 litre pot  £12


Daphne x susannae 'Tichbourne'

Forms a neat,dense mound of glossy foliage which is covered in heavily scented soft pink flowers in May,often repeating in flower later in the season.Height to 60 cms.

1 litre pot      £12

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