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Shrubs A-Z


Callistemon 'Woodlanders Hardy Red'

Bright red 'Bottle-brush' type flowers in Summer,attractive arching growth. 

Good hardiness as its name suggests.

 3 litre pot  £14.00


Calycanthus 'Venus'

A hybrid form of 'Carolina Allspice' this is a lovely large shrub bearing large,fragrant Magnolia-like flowers of white with red-purple central parts.Flowering is most spectacular in early Summer but can also flower intermittently through Summer and into Autumn.



Ceanothus 'Autumnal Blue'

Glossy green evergreen foliage as a backing for profuse heads of light blue flowers in Summer. Free standing shrub or train against a sunny wall. Enjoys well-drained soil but hardy and eas




Ceratostigma willmottianum

Shrubby form of 'Hardy Plumbago'. Rich blue flowers from late summer and into autumn.Bushy growth to 90 cms.

2 litre pot    £8.50

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Morioko Weeping'

Spectacular weeping tree of medium size.Rounded,glossy green leaves.

5 litre pot  £30



Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Red Fox' (Rotfuchs)

Upright in growth,the new growth is velvety purple-red in colour becoming greener towards the summer. The leaves have a strong candy-floss scent in the Summer and Autumn.

5 litre pot  £30




Cercis siliquastrum

The 'Judas Tree' is usually a small tree of fairly rounded,slightly spreading shape. Rounded leaves and in Spring the stems are covered with small rich pink flowers.

4 litre pot   £18.00 


Cistus aguilari 'Maculatus'

Strong growing evergreen shrub for a well-drained,sunny site. The large papery-white flowers have central red blotches and are carried from May.  Height to 1.5 metres.

3 litre pot  £10.00



Cistus 'Siver Pink'
Evergreen sun-lover,single papery soft pink flowers in profusion from late spring.Spreading growth with a height up to around 90 cms.
3 litre pot    £10.00

Cladrastris kentuckea

Grown for its upright or slightly pendulous terminal racemes of pea-like yellow flowers in Summer 'Yellow Wood' also has striking Autumn foliage colour. Small to medium sized tree,very hardy.

5 litre pot  £19.50



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