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Shrubs A-Z


Lavatera 'Barnsley'

Tall growth is covered from June with large white to soft pink flowers with a deeper pink eye. 2 metres or more.

3 litre pot  £10


Lavatera 'Burgundy Wine'

Burgundy-red flowers crowd the stems of this fast-growing bushy shrub in summer. Less tall and denser than 'Rosea' or 'Barnsley' so more suited to a smaller garden.

Lavatera 'Ice Cool'

Pure white flowers freely borne from late Spring to Autumn.
3 litre pot  £10


Lavatera olbia 'Rosea'

Well-known 'Tree Mallow'-pink flowers in profusion in summer.Quick growth 2-2.5 metres.
2 litre pot  £8.50


Lespedeza liulivensis 'Little Volcano'

Spectacular shrub having arching or weeping branches in profusion,the small pink/purple pea flowers appear in mass along the weeping stems giving almost a 'Firework' effect in Autumn.

  2 litre pot  £12.00



Lespedeza thunbergii 'Edo-Shibori'

Arching stems give rise to a profusion of white and deep mauve bicolour flowers on racemes during late Summer and Autumn.

5 litre pot  £18.00


Lonicera 'Honey Baby'

Lovely dwarf,compact form of the traditional 'Honeysuckle'. The heavily scented flowers are golden-yellow and borne for a long period from late spring into summer. Makes a compact shrub rather than a climbing plant and no support is needed.
2 litre pot  £10



Mimulus aurantiacus var.puniceus

Interesting shrub from Western USA, the bright orange-red flowers start opening April-May and can continue throughout the growing season. Spreading growth to about one metre. Very drought tolerant.

2 litre pot  £10.00


Muehlenbeckia complexa

(teture big Leaf Form)

Fascinating wiry growth with rounded leaves for climbing growth or ground cover.

Terminal racemes of white flowers in Summer.



Nyssa sylvatica 'Wisley Bonfire'

'Tupelo Tree'-The glossy green leaves of this tree turn wonderful tints of orange and red for a long period of excellent Autumn foliage colour.

7.5 litre pot  £35


Paulownia kawakamii

Excellent form of the 'Foxglove Tree'. Very large heart-shaped green leaves make this a lovely specimen for a reasonably sheltered well-drained spot in full sun. The mauve-blue Foxglove-like flowers are borne in the spring at the same time as the new leaves are starting to emerge.


Philadelphus madrensis

Compact growing Philadelphus from the US wonderfully scented white flowers in early Summer.

5 litre pot  £14.00



Philadelphus 'Natchez'

Deciduous shrub of strong,healthy growth,the semi-double pure white large flowers are freely produced in June making a spectacular sight.



Philadelphus maculatus 'Mexican Jewel'

Arching,spreading branches bear a profusion of beautifully scented white flowers from late May through June.




Phymosia umbellata 'Blood Of Pan'

Lovely shrub from the Abutilon family,the large leaves give rise to rounded flower buds that open deepest maroon in Summer and Autumn. So far has proved quite hardy with us,coming through the difficult winter of 22/23 vitrually unscathed but a bit of shelter and perhaps light shade would be ideal.


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