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Shrubs A-Z


Lavatera 'Barnsley'

Tall growth is covered from June with large white to soft pink flowers with a deeper pink eye. 2 metres or more.

2 litre pot  £7.50


Lavatera 'Burgundy Wine'

Burgundy-red flowers crowd the stems of this fast-growing bushy shrub in summer. Less tall and denser than 'Rosea' or 'Barnsley' so more suited to a smaller garden.

3 litre pot    £7.50


Lavatera 'Lilac Lady'

Distinctive soft lilac flowers over a long period in summer.Quick growth to 2 metres.

3 litre pot    £7.50


Lavatera olbia 'Rosea'

Well-known 'Tree Mallow'-pink flowers in profusion in summer.Quick growth 2-2.5 metres.

3 litre pot    £7.50

Lithodora zahnii 'Azure Ness'

Attractive small shrub for well-drained or alpine conditions. Rounded plant producing a mass of sky-blue flowers from late spring. Neat and compact in growth.


Lonicera 'Honey Baby'

Lovely dwarf,compact form of the traditional 'Honeysuckle'. The heavily scented flowers are golden-yellow and borne for a long period from late spring into summer. Makes a compact shrub rather than a climbing plant and no support is needed.


Mahonia gracilipes

Evergreen shrub having glossy green leaves later becoming suffused with red/orange shades. The arching flower stems bear small pendulous red flowers in late Summer.

5 litre pot £12.50



Magnolia laevifolia

Formerly sold here as Michaelia yunnanensis,a lovely evergreen shrub having rounded,deep green leaves and pure white open flowers in late Spring. 2-3 metres.

5 litre pot  £19.50


Melicytis carissifolia

Interesting evergreen shrub strongly branching with pinnate green foliage. Main attraction is the pure white berries that form in late Summer and carry well into the winter.

5 Litre pot £14


Mimulus aurantiacus var.puniceus

Interesting shrub from Western USA, the bright orange-red flowers start opening April-May and can continue throughout the growing season. Spreading growth to about one metre. Very drought tolerant.

2 litre pot  £7.50


Paulownia kawakamii

Excellent form of the 'Foxglove Tree'. Very large heart-shaped green leaves make this a lovely specimen for a reasonably sheltered well-drained spot in full sun. The mauve-blue Foxglove-like flowers are borne in the spring at the same time as the new leaves are starting to emerge.
5 litre pot  £16.50


Philadelphus delavayi f. melanocalyx

Strong-growing deciduous shrub having a profusion of very fragrant pure white flowers backed by dark purple sepals in June.

2 litre pot   £8.50


Philadelphus delavayi 'Purpurescens'

Delicate single white fragrant flowers are backed by a deep purple calyx and are borne in profusion in June. Loose,arching growth to around two metres.

2 litre pot  £8.50


Philadelphus maculatus 'Mexican Jewel'

Arching,spreading branches bear a profusion of beautifully scented white flowers from late May through June.

2 litre pot  £8.50  7.5 litre pot  £14


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